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Guide Park: Tiger II

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Hi Tank Commanders,

In today's video guide, we will touch upon the German Tier 8 heavy tank; the Tiger II. The official name of this tank was Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B but it is more commonly known as Tiger II or Tiger B, a shortened and simplified version of the name. It is also known informally as King Tiger or Royal Tiger, a mistranslation of the German name Königstiger by Allied soldiers.

For the players who pay more attention to the technical aspects, the video will examine the tank in greater details, providing you vital information such as suspension traverse speed, turret traverse speed, view range, aim time etc. We will evaluate these performance characteristics of the King Tiger and make comparisons with the other tier 8 heavy tanks.

One known weakness of this tank is that the transmission is mounted in the front of the hull which makes the vehicle susceptible to catching fire when it gets hit in the lower armor plate. The video will teach you some effective ways to pilot this tank to minimise this from happening and leverage on its strong points to cover up for its lack of speed. If you find that you're often sitting duck for agile light and medium tank opponents who can get in close quickly and target your vulnerable points while encircling your Tiger II, we have some strategies for you to counter them and put an end to your troubles.

Have a look at the video and we hope your new found knowlodge will guide you to swifter victories in battle with the Tiger II!