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Guide to Clan Wars

General News
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Clan Wars is a browser-based multiplayer military and geopolitical component of World of Tanks MMO. It is a turn-based strategy which consists of 24 turns, each lasting 60 minutes, which takes place on a big world map (known as the Global Map) that is divided into provinces. Clans vie for ultimate domination by conquering or defending these provinces, where some of these occupied territories will provide the clan with income and bonuses.

In Clan Wars, armoured forces of different clans are represented by chips. The number of the clan’s chips equals to the number of players in the clan that has played at least one battle on any vehicle of Tier V or higher. Such a player provides one chip to the clan no matter how many vehicles of Tier V and up he or she has played. Chips are moved along the map as the clan takes over provinces.

Every clan possesses one headquarters and headquarters can be relocated from one province to another and is used to dispatch clan’s chips from reserve to Global Map. Commanders, Field Commanders and Deputy Commanders manage chips distribution on the Global Map and other clan members can observe the location and movement of their clan’s forces and headquarters.

Espionage can be used to discover your enemy’s chips where successful attempts will cost 500 gold (will not cost anything if unsuccessful). Clans can also strike up alliances with other clans to aid in their conquest by means of diplomacy.

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