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Global Service

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In other languages: th is constantly striving to bring about the best gaming experience for all our players and today, it is with great pleasure to announce that we have reached another milestone in this journey.

We would like to introduce to you our latest project in the works – service*.

* service is scheduled for release later during the year.

With this new service, we take a step closer to realizing our ambition of uniting the millions of players around the world with one common interest, and that is a love for strategic war games.

This will be the general entry source to all of our game titles and services and will assist you to connect with us in a simpler and more convenient way. It will lead you to your respective regions according to your location and provide you with the latest updates and news by granting you easy access to partner and fan websites dedicated to projects by

In short, the key features of the globally integrated Service will include:

  • One Destination: The portal will give gamers one-stop access to all three titles and showcase a world at war – whether they are playing with Tanks, Warplanes or Battleships. 
  • Common Economics: The introduction of common economics for the three titles allows players to transfer Gold and Free Experience between them.
  • Single MMO Battle Realm: Tank, Warplane, and Battleship clans will be assisting each other in their ground, air and sea attacks for world domination.

Besides giving direct access to all the games and applications from universe via a unified account with a ID, we’re also providing you with an added layer of security with enhanced account measures to ensure the safety of your accounts and quick restoration in the event they should be compromised.

We’re bringing the World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Battleships closer to you in one place with just the click of your mouse.

Learn more about this service by visiting the new portal today!

Let’s Battle!