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Gameplay in Update 7.4

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Tank Commanders,

Update 7.4 is rolling close with many new changes that are set to diversify your gameplay and provide you with more fun and enjoyable memories in World of Tanks.

Note: Content for the 7.3 update will be implemented and released along with the 7.4 update. Moreover, the time you will be able to receive your daily double again after receiving it will be set at 00:00 SGT after the update.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes to find out what new toys lie in store for you.

Fans of the French tanks will be happy to know that several new additions have been planned for more tanks to join the family. SPGs such as Bat. Chatillon 155 and the Lorraine 39 L AM and Tank Destroyers AMX 50 Foch and Somua Sau 40 will be joining in the French line-up.

List of new French vehicles:

French SPG:

  • Renault BS
  • Lorraine 39 L AM
  • AMX 105 AM
  • AMX-13 F3 AM
  • Lorraine 155 (50)
  • Lorraine 155 (51)
  • Bat. Chatillon 155

French TD:

  • Renault FT AC
  • Renault UE 57
  • Somua Sau 40
  • S 35 CA
  • ARL V 39
  • AMX AC de 100
  • AMX AC de 120
  • AMX 50 Foch

For the Soviets, a number of changes will be in place as several tanks will be moved around in tiers and some new ones such as T-150, KV-4 and IS-8 will be added to the tech tree. A new premium vehicle, the IS-6 will also be added to the line-up at Tier 8 and will be available to all players in the in-game store.

Changes for the Soviet tech tree:

- KV-3 will be moved from Tier 6 to Tier 7 as a Soviet heavy tank and rebalanced.
- T-150 will substitute KV-3 as a Soviet heavy tank Tier 6.
- KV-4 will be added as a Soviet Tier 8 heavy tank.
- ST-I will be added as a Soviet Tier 9 heavy tank.
- IS-4 will be moved from Tier 9 to Tier 10 in the Soviet tech tree and rebalanced.
- IS-8 will substitute IS-4 as a Soviet Tier 9 heavy tank.
- KV will be divided into KV-1 and KV-2. KV-2 will become a Soviet Tier 6 heavy tank.

Look forward to some new premium vehicles like the USSR Heavy Tank IS-6 and the French Tank Destroyer FCM 36 Pak 40 that are bound to keep you entertained for hours.

Also new to the game are two combat modes (Assault and Encounter) that will give you a refreshing outlook to how the game is played in the familiar maps that you are accustomed to.  If you’re starting to get bored of the existing maps, then we have just the thing for you with the addition of these four new maps.

  • South Coast (subtropical Mediterranean map)
  • Dragon Ridge (first Chinese map)
  • Widepark
  • Airfield

Get ready for more good times in World of Tanks with Update 7.4 which is scheduled for release on 28 June, 2012.

Let’s Battle!

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