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Electronic Sports League (EU Server)

Tank Commanders,

In this article, we will go into more details about the Electronic Sports League and World of Tanks’ involvement in it.

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About ESL

Founded in 1997, the Electronic Sports League (aka ESL) is an eSports league that is the biggest and most important gaming league in Europe with over 3 million registered members and more than 740,000 registered teams. The ESL brand has a presence in 37 countries and is operated by Turtle Entertainment where each section of ESL operates under a license granted by the company. It offers an impressive 3,500 over professional and amateur leagues from a variety of games with 400,000 matches played monthly worldwide using the ESL technology. The ESL runs several large scale events, namely the most renowned tournament being Starcraft II.

World of Tanks and ESL

Since 2011, World of Tanks has joined the ranks of the ESL Major Series and Tank Commanders can now participate in tournaments to get a shot at the huge prize pool of thousands of dollars.

 “Wargaming developed a game with huge potential to be accepted by the eSports community, “ said Ibrahim Mazari, the Director of Public Relations at Turtle Entertainment, the company that spearheads the ESL. “World of Tanks combines the complex standards of the different genres such as action, simulation, role-play game and shooter – and it is for free. World of Tanks can definitely become a huge eSports game.”

“ESL is the acknowledged leader in holding championships in cyber gaming realm. We are honoured to launch the strategic partnership with such a highly acclaimed and trusted organization that became the one-and-only choice for professional gamers all over the world,” said Alexey Kuznetsov, the Events Manager at

“The World of Tanks’ huge success and the army of dedicated die-hard fans merged with ESL’s experience and reputation guarantee both parties achieving even higher standards in management of championships aimed at eSportsmen,” added Kuznetsov.

World of Tanks Tournaments

Currently, there are 4 types of tournaments available within World of Tanks: 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, 7 vs 7 and Company Cup.

1 vs 1:

In 1 vs 1, it's all about the test of your own prowess.

3 vs 3:

3 vs 3 is where your platoon or squad team skills come into play.

7 vs 7:

In this format, it's all about teamwork! Build your camaraderie and team spirit amongst your members and fight your way to the top!

Company Cup:

The Company Cup is a series of four-weeklong tournaments, taking place in two sessions - every Monday and Thursday.

  • 4 qualifier rounds followed by a grand final
  • Single eliminations during the qualifiers
  • Top 4 in each qualifier round are eligible for the finals
  • 16 teams play in the final cup


E-Sports in South-East Asia

Get ready South-East Asia! E-Sports is coming real soon to you in the near future so stay tuned for more updates to come.


So Tank Commanders, wait no further. If you think you’re up for the challenge, start paving your way to stardom, gold and real cash by taking part in our World of Tanks Tournaments now and put your skills to the test. So keep on training and show everyone what you’ve got!

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