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Dornier 17: Pulling a plane out of the ocean

Wing Commanders!

Greetings from the Wargaming Special Projects Team!

We recently teamed up with the Royal Air Force (RAF) Museum in England to pull the only recovered Dornier 17 (Do17) bomber out of the ocean.

The Dornier 17 is a light German bomber that assailed England during the Blitz in World War 2, largely fought off by Spitfire aircraft piloted by English and Polish pilots. The plane sits in a restoration chamber at the RAF museum in Cosford, where it is being prepped for public display. now has a dedicated exhibit hall at the RAF museum at Cosford and has developed a mobile app for examining the plane all around the world. We will soon be giving everyone a chance to use this app to have their photos featured in a future RAF exhibition unveiling in London. Stay tuned!

This documentary created by the RAF museum tells the story of the aircraft and the excavation.