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Cybercafé FREE PLAY Challenge Report (3rd Week)

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Tank Commanders,

The World of Tanks Cybercafé FREE PLAY & Challenge (Week 3)  (Good Speed Cybercafe) has just been concluded. The results of the 3rd week of the challenge show that Tank Commander Andreas_Lucius is in first place with a total of 13 kills, followed Tank Commander Deathskyz with 11 kills. Tank Commander Hipwolf has managed to up his kills by one to tie together with Deathskyz for 11 kills. However, as he has achieved the score at a later date, he is currently in 3rd place.

1st – Andreas_Lucius

2nd – Deathskyz

3rd – Hipwolf

It’s not over yet! These are not the final results of the challenge and participants still have time to catch up and overthrow the current No. 1. There will be a total of 4 weeks of this Free Play & Challenge spanning the whole month of June so hop on down to the next venue and start fragging your way to the top prize of 15,000 gold!

Keep a lookout on this website for more updates as to where the 4th and final week of the event will be held.

Click here to view the current top 10 ranking.