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New clan feature: Recruiting Station

Tank Commanders,

Up until now, clan recruitment has always been a complicated and time-consuming process. It’s difficult to find a friendly group to play with, and even tougher to find rival clans to compete against in game modes such as Clan Wars.

We want to help players form up and join clans more easily, which is why we are also going to implement a new feature called the Recruiting Station in the second half of October.

Introducing the Recruiting Station

The Recruiting Station is in fact a series of additional menu options found in your My Profile tab on the World of Tanks website, designed specifically to help players find the best clan suitable for them, and vice versa.

Joining a clan

For players wishing to join a clan, they must first create a Personal File (located in My Profile page) that will display the information that a clan requires before they choose their new clan member. After creating the file and filling it with the required personal data, they have two options:

  • Applying to an open clan. These clans are actively looking for new members, and they are willing to receive official applications through the Recruiting Station. To find the best open clan that's suitable for your preferences, use the Find a Clan function to narrow your search. Recommended clans will be highlighted to you.

    To join a clan, simply compose a short personal message (it will accompany your Personal File when sent for review), then click on the Apply button.

  • Applying to a closed clan. A closed clan is not actively looking for new members, and does not accept official applications. However, players may still choose to contact the clan commander directly to ask for permission to join if they wish to do so.

Recruiting new clan members

Clans have traditionally used only one method of recruitment to grow their numbers. WIth the new Recruiting Station feature, however, they will have access to more ways to bring in more players more suitable to the clan.

  • Invite a player manually. The easiest of methods, this simply involves typing in the name of the player you wish to invite, then clicking on the Send Invitation button.
  • Search for recruits. If there are no worthy candidates known, a clan leader now has the option to find players with the new function. To do this, the clan leader or recruiter must fill out the Terms of Recruitment located in the My Clan section. Once finished, click on the Find Players button to generate a list of players who fulfill your clan's requirements best.

    From there, click on the Invite to Clan button to send out your invitations. This can be done for multiple players at a time.

  • Accepting official applications. The clan is now considered an 'open clan' by doing so. This allows players to find your clan and send offical applications to the clan leader or recruiter.

The Recruiting Station will be available from 31st October onwards, so do keep a look out for it! This tool may just be the thing you need to attract that gifted tanker to your clan that will lead you to victory in the Second Campaign of Clan Wars.