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Account Transfer to SEA (Round 2) [Completed]

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[UPDATED]  World of Tanks is pleased to inform you that requests for account transfers from the other clusters to SEA have been  successfully completed. All the Tank Commanders can now enjoy the benefits of the SEA server!

Welcome to SEA Server!



Tank Commanders,

In order to further improve the service that Wargaming provides, we have decided to once again open transfers to the South East Asia server cluster. In addition, the Wargaming South East Asia office will begin providing support for our players in Oceania.

As players in these regions, you will have dedicated community and support staff, as well as events, contests and tournaments managed on the South East Asia cluster during hours that work best for you. Clan Wars will also be available to players during optimal Oceanic play hours on the South East Asia cluster in the near future, further improving the experience for you. Moreover players from New Zealand and Australia should have better latency playing on SEA server.

The transfer window is currently open, and will close on October 3rd, 2012. The transfer procedure itself will take place on the same date (3rd of October) and will take approximately 48 hours to complete.

For those who are interested in transferring your account from the other servers to the SEA server, please register an account on the SEA server to reserve your nickname. Kindly test the SEA server first before opting for a transfer as all decisions made are final and will not be reverted.

Please note that upon successful transfer, players will not be able to return to their original servers and their current accounts will be transferred to the EXISTING account on the SEA server.

For guidelines on account transfer, please refer here.

Use this unique oportunity to get your account transfered to SEA region for free!

Thank you for your support of World of Tanks; we hope that this opportunity will improve your gameplay experience if you reside in the Oceanic regions of the world.