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2nd March Cybercafe Challenge Report

02 March, 2013 - The event opened to a bustling full house! It was plain to see that the players were obviously burning for the chance to redeem their 4 kill bonus once again as all the seats were filled up once the event commenced. We even spotted some regulars who had brought their families along to join in the fun as seen in this father and son duo who racked in the kills together!



Competition for the Ace of the Event was harsh as the top number of kills went from 8 to 11 in just a span of a couple of hours. Finally at the end of the day, the winners of the Ace of the Event emerged with none other than Tank Commander DeathSkyz himself at the top!

 2nd March Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge Results

1st place 5,000- DeathSkyz with 11 Kills

2nd place 3,000- Griftz with 9 Kills

3rd place 2,000- Crazib with 8 Kills

Congratulations to all winners! Join us in the next Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge event happening on 16 March, 2013. Details to be announced soon!