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29th September: WCG 2013 Regional Finals in Bangkok

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Tank Commanders!

The World Cyber Games has once again issued a challenge to tank companies all over the world, and many have answered. Over the past month or so, some of the best teams from Singapore, Thailand and Philippines have engaged in battles against their peers, with the aim of becoming winners in the National Qualifiers and earning the right to represent their respective countries in the international stage.

The victors of each country’s National Qualifiers have since been decided, with 2 teams from Thailand, 1 from Singapore and 1 from the Philippines progressing to the next stage. The winning teams will have their transportation and accommodation costs entirely sponsored.

Now, their next challenge awaits as they prepare to face each other in the WCG Regional Finals for a chance to continue their journey into becoming the best team in World of Tanks.

Join us at the Neolution Esports Stadium in Bangkok on 29th September as we witness the battles to decide the best team of  Asia, who will continue onwards to represent the region in the International Grand Finals later this year.

WCG Regional Finals (Singapore/ Thailand/ Philippines)
29th September 2013 (Sunday)
Location Neolution E-Sport Stadium 2nd floor, Bangkok City

Qualifiers for WCG/ TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia are still open

The National Qualifiers for Singapore, Thailand and Philippines may have ended, but it’s only just beginning for our Australian brethren! The winner of TanksAsia National Finals will automatically be granted a spot in the WCG representing Australia.

Registrations close on 25th September, so there’s still a chance to make a name for yourself. Sign up today!

Participate in WCG Australia Qualifiers

Note: Malaysia will not be participating in this year's WCG.