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15,000 Maus games in time for's 15th anniversary

Hi Tank Commanders,

Today, we'll be sharing with everyone an interesting interview which our community contributor Chappo had with player xDeathlordx about his grand achievement. Hitting 15,000 games played on the Maus just before our 15th Anniversary, we think that this achievement could not have come at a better timing. Read all about their exchange below.

Chappo: Please introduce yourself to us, how long have you been playing tanks?

xDeathlordx: I have been playing WOT since closed beta on the NA Server, my son actually got me into the game as he thought I would be interested being a military game, I have a military background in RL so the game got my interest straight away and I have always loved playing tanks in game.

Chappo: You’ve finally reached 15,000 battles in the MAUS, was this a specific target you were aiming for?

xDeathlordx: 15k battles in the Maus was a milestone for me though my main interest was to get the original crew in the Maus levelled up, just to see how the Maus would perform with %100 crew,  Up to tier 8 I ran a non-premium account, only after that I realised that to proceed further up to tier 10 I would need the helping hand from a premium account, I didn't join a clan till after I had the Maus so getting to the Maus was solo pub all the way. Currently the crew are on their 7th skill sitting at 60% and I am finding that it is very hard to level them up due to the insane amount of battles required just to get to the next % point like 60% > 61% 140 battles. To make credits in the Maus you do need a premium account or you could be losing credits fast and having to use a Premium tank just to build up credits again rinse and repeat.

Chappo: Why the Maus? What drew you towards it?

xDeathlordx: I first saw the Maus and thought yeah I got to get me one of those, they just stood out from the crowd and due to its slow speed and low damage it gave compared to other tier 10 tanks required skill, This I saw as a challenge and challenge was accepted.  The Maus is a tank that is not easy to play and for me it gave me a challenge to learn it and understand it so it can be played to its full potential.   I looked at the other Tier 10 tanks and how so many people steered towards them but there wasn't many driving the Maus due to its style of play that was needed for it, like patience and having battle situation awareness.  I actually prefer the Maus as it challenged me to master it and show that it still has a place in battles rather than going for OP tanks that are abound in most battles.   The slowness of the Maus also gave you greater control and the ability to bounce more shots than other tanks through angling and watching the shots fired at you, by watching others shoot at you, you can learn when to angle your tank at the right time but only through experience and time playing in the Maus does it become an acquired skill the becomes second nature the longer you play the Maus.

Chappo: Favourite moment in the Maus?

xDeathlordx: Have had quite a few awesome moments in the Maus but the highlight would have been on Ruinberg, we were looking at defeat, up against 5 arty and it was down to just myself against the 5 arty and 2 enemy tanks.  I took out the tanks and then went after the arty, lucky for me the arty were all spread out so they all could not focus fire on me at the same time, after taking out the first 3 arty the last 2 arty started wising up and realised I was hunting them down, not hiding from them, that in turn made it easier for me as they were on the move, by then the team was saying *we are going to lose* and * no way can he get the other 2 and he can't win this battle for us*, I thought to myself yeah I can do it with still just on half hp. The last 2 decided to go TD mode when I came into view, I took one out and the last one took a shot at me, I suppose luck was on my side as it left me with 53 hp left and I could shoot twice to the 212 getting off the next shot, at that time the arty had more hp than what they do now so it was the second shot that finally killed the last arty and won the battle for the team. Ended up with 9 kills for that battle.  Your that focused on the battle you don't hear what is going on around you, you become that engrossed that after the battle it was like damn I need a drink and smoke, you were on such a high, the adrenalin rush was awesome knowing that you on your own defeating half the team and taking the team to a win.

Chappo: What can players do to support you in the Maus?

xDeathlordx: Support for the Maus is on and off, the experienced players realise that the Maus on its own will not last long so you get the occasional player tagging along and helping take out the enemy and stopping the enemy from flanking you.  People have the misconception that the Maus can take on all tanks on its own due to it armour and hp, most tanks now can pen the Maus and since everyone can use gold rounds they usually do.  One of the biggest annoying practices that people have gotten into is to pushing the Maus from behind to make it go faster, fail right there from the start, the Maus weighs 192 tonne with a 1750HP engine, unless you have the ability to push a tank like that who is 3 to 4 times heavier then best not to try, it won’t make any difference to speed and with full ramming skill learnt, even a sneeze they will damage themselves and the Maus driver is the one that has to pay compo for the damage that was caused.

With support the Maus is at its most dangerous, while you have tanks hitting you the tanks around you are hitting them so they are still on full health while at the same time the enemy tanks are getting killed. Not good for the enemy, Very good for your team.

The best support anyone can give the Maus player is to give him room to manoeuvre but stay close enough to stop any enemy tank from flanking it, especially the mediums. The Maus needs to keep moving to minimize the chance of getting penned and stopping the enemy from focusing on one spot to hit, many times in battle you will find a lower tier 8 tank parked up the backside of the Maus blocking the Maus from moving back quickly between reloads or sustained fire. Then when you have a go at them and tell them to stop blocking you they tell you they are using you as a shield, their mindset is you’re a bunker that stops and stays until dead so they will sit behind for their own benefit which can get you killed in the process. Big NO NO. Give the Maus room to move and the team will benefit as the longer the Maus is alive the more damage it can do.

Chappo: Do you think the MAUS is in a good spot at the moment in terms of balance?

xDeathlordx: In terms of balance for the Maus I think there are still a couple of areas that could be improved upon, namely the penetration value needs to be increased, because the Maus gun sits so high compared to other tanks even with gold rounds they will still bounce a lot, you aren't going to get the perfect battle scene where the Maus gun is at a level where it can shoot at the enemy tanks rather than downwards angle.  Another area is the turret speed, maybe they could speed this up a notch or 2 I don't know, when you look at the E100 turret and size of it then you will see they are of similar size but the E100 turret moves much faster allowing it to catch the mediums that try to flank it. I think the HP and the rate of fire is where it should be at the moment, but in saying that everyone wants that little bit more and I am no different, that touch more HP, faster speed and faster reload would be nice but overall the Maus is what it should be at.  The Maus has gone through its growing pains from being a tank with more holes than Swiss cheese to being a formidable tank on the battlefield that can now make a difference and still put fear into oncoming enemy tanks. That fear is back and the respect for what it can do.

Chappo: Did you celebrate the "nerf" to arty? Makes the MAUS more of a potent weapon?

xDeathlordx: Hmmm did I celebrate the nerf to arty?? HELL YEAH, you couldn’t take the smile off my face, especially when we also got the extra-large spall liner, the Maus can now move more freely within reason, can take a few hits from arty and still be of use to the team, I still get nervous though when I see 3 enemy arty together as they can focus fire and that is where the pain begins, and not forgetting the Mouse Trap medal too. Still waiting for the IS7 medal to come into the game so the focus can be shared rather than on one type of tank.
I think the biggest change to the Maus was the 8.6 patch, it made the Maus far more enjoyable knowing to take out the Maus required skills and numbers of tanks shooting at it. The difference in angle of pen helped heaps, the insane angles that people were penning the Maus before the patch was very frustrating to say the least. Now angling the Maus becomes more important and relevant creating more bounces whereas before patch they would still pen no matter what.

Chappo: What is your 2nd favourite tank?

xDeathlordx: Second favourite tank has to be the E100, it has mobility, alpha damage and only 200 hp less than the Maus, downside is the reload but that is to be expected with a 150mm gun, can’t have it both ways I suppose lol.

Chappo: Any closing thoughts on hitting this milestone?

xDeathlordx: I would like to congratulate WarGaming on reaching their 15th anniversary and reaching 15k battles in the Maus is a milestone for both. I have a long way to go yet as the commander on the Maus has 9 skills to learn but in time I will get there.  I have made a lot of friends in this game and some enemies along the way, I am happy with that, having enemy’s gives you targets to look for and take out early, the friends you make along the way help you achieve that.
The Maus gives the only true challenge for me to play, it is not an easy tank to learn, with time and experience do you learn how to master the tank, not be afraid to take a hit and push towards that battle win.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to giving my thoughts and opinions on this tank as it is a much underrated tank due to a lot of people not fully understanding the capabilities of it and the usefulness it can be.