Introducing the Thunderbolt! [Update]

Tank Commanders,

Imagine being assigned with Shermans to fight Tigers and Panzers. Vehicles with superior guns and armour defending their territory.

While many self-preserving tankers would shy away from such a mission, Creighton Abrams painted the words "Thunderbolt" on his M4A3E8 Sherman and led his battalion to battle. He relied on the Sherman's speed in his strategies to achieve breakthroughs in battle. Abrams was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross twice for his successful war efforts.

In World of Tanks, the Thunderbolt is based on Colonel Creighton Abrams' tank that he used in 1945. It features improvements of the M4A3E8 widely used in the 3rd Army of the USA during WWII.

Advantages of the Thunderbolt include an improved 177mm of frontal turret armour, great gun elevation/depression angles, high DPM, and a long range view of 370m. 

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