[Team Clash 2021] Congratulations to Team Maharlika!

We're excited to announce the winner of Team Clash: Team Maharlika!

Team Captain Conan would like to thank each and everyone on his team for bringing the upside down boba team to victory. If you've had as much fun as he did, then you've brought victory for the the entire Team Clash event.

Now let's get down to the celebrations!

Reasons to Love Conan 7 Days of the Week

We love to celebrate our wins here at World of Tanks, which is why we've compiled a "super comprehensive" list of why we love Conan.

1. He's Multi-lingual

2. He Understands Our Love for Boba

Fun Fact: Conan's favorite boba flavors include: Alishan, Tieguanyin, Taro, and Wintermelon!

3. The War Cries We Hear When Dealt 400HP of Damage and Above

4. He Sets the Mood with Elevator Music

5. He's Really Got Some Moves. See: The Chunky Dance

6. He's Got a Great Sense of Humor

7. By Supporting Him, You Got Awesome Team Clash Rewards