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Scout MVP Event

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Tank Commanders,

Put your scouting skills to the test and let your eagle eyes lead you to victory in this Scout MVP Event!

Your primary mission is to conduct close reconnaissance and surveillance operations in order to gain intelligence on the enemy and the terrain. Aim to be the elite of the pack by successfully earning a Scout achievement during the battle and send your battle results over to us for a shot at a 8,000prize.

Do you have what it takes to be the Scout MVP? Let's find out!

Tank Commanders Roll Out!

Scout MVP Event

Event Start: 28 November, 2012 (Wednesday) @ 00:01 UTC+8 (27 November, 2012 @16:01 UTC)

Event End: 30 November, 2012  (Friday) @ 23:59 UTC+8 (15:59 UTC)


Participation Requirements:

  • Players are required to earn the Scout achievement in a random battle.
  • Players are to take a screenshot of the personal score screen with the mouse hovering over the Scout achievement and send it to to take part.
  • Email title should be in the following format: Scout MVP. The email text should contain the following:
    • Screenshot (Attachment)
    • Replay (Attachment)
    • IGN
    • Calculation of the EXP Score

 Submissions without the above mentioned information will be disqualified.


Event Details:

  • Entries with the highest/ most experience will win.
  • If the battle was the first victory of the day, divide total EXP by 2. 
  • Premium accounts: divide the total EXP by 15.
  • Standard accounts: divide the total EXP by 10.
  • In the event of a draw, the players involved will receive the same amount of gold for their placing.


1st place 8,000
2nd place 6,000
3rd place 4,000
4th place 2,000
5th place 1,000