Sabaton's 2018 Tour!

Get ready tankers and heavy metal fans: Sabaton tours Japan on 29 March - 2 April, 2018 with their biggest tour in years. World of Tanks is once again proud to join forces with the band — this time as a tour sponsor!

2018 Tour Dates  


Tanks to the Fans: #tankmetal

In 2017, World of Tanks and Sabaton collaborated and unleashed the  VIII Primo Victoria  , a Premium tier VIII medium tank that featured the actual band members (complete with authentic voices) as the Crew.

Sabaton Tour: Japan

  • March 29: TOKYO - EX THEATER
  • March 31: OSAKA - IMP HALL
  • April 2: TOKYO - ZEPP TOKYO

Three cheers for Sabaton! To show our support, the  VIII Primo Victoria  can now be purchased at the Premium Shop until 4 April, 2018!

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