[Premium Shop] Winter Challenge


The Winter Challenge is over. We hope you enjoy your shiny new SU-130PM!

Tank Commanders,

After entering the Winter Challenge grounds, your crew found a strange man of the snow. He beckons your team to follow him and you do. Upon reaching his secret snowy lair, he proposes an offer:

The prized  VIII SU-130PM  is available for a price along with rewards from the stages that you have yet to complete.

You can now purchase the Winter Challenge bundle at the Premium Shop.

Important Note: Purchasing the bundle gives you the full pack of rewards for the missions not completed and automatically checks all unfinished event battle missions as completed. After purchasing the bundle, you will no longer have access to them.

  • SU-130PM

What's Hot

  • Powerful gun with good DPM
  • Good gun handling
  • Good camouflage
  • Good mobility

What's Not

  • Weak armour

  • Low HP
  • Turret does not traverse 360 degrees

[Premium Shop] Winter Challenge

 Sale Period: 30 November, 2018 (Friday) @ 09:00 UTC+8 to 13 December, 2018 (Thursday) @ 09:00 UTC+8

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