[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem: SU-85I

Tank Commanders,

There was a time when Soviet tank production faced the challenge of creating new vehicles capable of taking out the new German Pz.Kpfw. Tiger I.

A proposal was made to modify captured German Pz.Kpfw. III tanks by adding an 85mm gun. In theory, it would have a gun capable of penetrating a Tiger I from a safer distance and also eliminate the need to design and build a vehicle from scratch.

And thus, the  V SU-85I  was born. However, it only remained a concept. It never entered mass production or saw active service... but it has come to life in World of Tanks, and you can take it for a drive yourself!

In World of Tanks, the  V SU-85I   is a rare find in the Premium Shop; it is rarely made available for purchase. Discerning collectors will want to complete their collection with this rare Tank Destroyer!

On top of its rarity, it is also a good tank destroyer in its own right, with high alpha damage and DPM, good camo values, and good mobility!

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  • SU-85I

V SU-85I  

What's Hot

  • High alpha damage

  • High DPM - one of the best of its tier

  • Good view range
  • Good camouflage values
  • Good mobility
  • Rare and highly collectable

What's Not

  • Weak armour overall. Team up with better-armoured tanks to ensure survival!
  • Tight gun traverse arc may force you to turn your hull to acquire targets
  • Large target
  • Bad gun depression angles
  • Long aim-time and subpar accuracy

[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem: SU-85i

 Sale Period: 07 September, 2018 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 to 14 September, 2018 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8

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  • SU-85I - Best Buy (USD 46.96)
  • SU-85I (USD 22.68)
  • Golden Delight (USD 59.68)
SU-85I - Best Buy (USD 46.96)

Discount: 25%

Bundle Contents

  • V SU-85I
  •  Garage Slot x 1
  •  100% Crew
  • 5,000 
  • 5x Victory EXP Bonus (30 times)

    Note: Not applicable for first victories. Must rank within top 10 by EXP in your team.
  • 30x Personal Reserves: +300% Crew EXP (Duration: 2h)
  • 10x Personal Reserves: +300% Free EXP (Duration: 2h)
  • 10x Personal Reserves: +50% Credits (Duration: 2h)


  • USD 46.96


SU-85I (USD 22.68)

Bundle Contents

  • V SU-85I
  •  Garage Slot x 1
  •  100% Crew
  • 2,750 
  • 5x Victory EXP Bonus (15 times)

    Note: Not applicable for first victories. Must rank within top 10 by EXP in your team.


  • USD 22.68


Golden Delight (USD 59.68)

Discount: 16%

Bundle Contents

  • 5,000 
  • 5,000,000 


  • USD 59.68