[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

Tank Commanders,

Topping up Gold anytime soon? The Premium Shop is now offering a package where you can get the rare  IV Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)   free when you purchase 5,000!

Find out more about the tank and what the package contains below:

Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

What's Hot:

  • High ammo capacity: Carries 112 rounds; can fight until the cows come home... if you manage to stay alive.
  • Good gun to work with. Fast aim-time, rate of fire, and a good gun depression.
  • Nice track traverse speed and decent acceleration gives this tank good mobility control.

What's Not:

  • Armour is weak. All Tank Destroyers can pen this tank.
  • Standard penetration is not reliable. Use APCR for enemies with thick armour.


[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

Event Start: 14 March, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 21 March, 2018 (Wednesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Note: Keep your account secure! Be wary of accepting gifts from players or accounts you don't know -- fraudulent gifts can block both accounts -- and don't freely share your own information!

  • Pz. B2 – Gold (USD 22.57)
Pz. B2 – Gold (USD 22.57)

Package Contents:


  • USD 22.57