[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: T-44-100

Tank Commanders,

What do you get when you tack on some side armour panels and give a new turret to the T-44? Answer: the VIII T-44-100 , which is also the featured tank in this Collector's Gem of the Week!

This time around, we're offering two different packages that feature the T-44-100.

Why should I get the T-44-100?

  • Excellent camouflage values. The T-44-100 can afford to stay hidden more effectively than most other tanks of its class, which translates to better ambush potential.
  • Good mobility. With a top speed of 52 km/h and a very forgiving terrain resistance score, the T-44-100 can traverse most terrain types faster than other vehicles. However, it can slow down dramatically when climbing hills and slopes.
  • Decent DPM. with the potential to fire over 7 rounds per minute and at an acceptable penetration score against equal-tiered vehicles, the T-44-100 can dish out reliable damage if allowed to attack without resistance.
  • Sideskirt armour protection. The placement of the side skirt armour means a chance of deflecting the occasional shot that could otherwise prove fatal, although it can be quite unreliable at times. Also makes the T-44-100 a fairly unique tank in the USSR tech tree appearance-wise.

Collector's Gem of the Week: T-44-100

Sale Start: 17 March, 2017 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)

Sale End: 24 March, 2017 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)


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  • T-44-100 - Standard
  • T-44-100 - Best Buy
T-44-100 - Standard

Package Contents:


  • USD 52.56

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T-44-100 - Best Buy

Package Contents:

  • VIII T-44-100  
  •  1 Garage Slot
  • 5x First Victory bonus (Limit: 15 times/account)
  • 30x Personal Reserves: +200% Crew EXP (Duration: 2 hours)
  • 5,250 


  • USD 72.96

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