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[Premium Shop] Offer for Paypal & WebMoney Users: August 2016

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Tank Commanders,

Gold is glorious. He who has gold has power.

Use gold to purchase Premium time and Premium vehicles, or to convert Free XP!

For a limited time only, you can get bonuses on gold when you buy gold using Paypal or WebMoney!

If you’ve been thinking of getting gold for a new Premium vehicle or to retrain your crew, this is an excellent opportunity. 

This bonus will be available on the premium shop from 26 August (13:50 UTC +8) to  29 August (13:50 UTC +8).

Roll out!

26 August - 29 August: [Premium Shop] Offer for Paypal & Webmoney

Event Start: 26 August, 2016 (Friday) @ 13:50 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 29 August, 2016 (Monday) @ 13:50 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)


Paypal & WebMoney Exclusive Promo


Package Contents
Bonus FREE gold when purchasing gold

10% bonuson purchases of 500to 2288 

12% bonuson purchases of 2289to 9642 

15% bonuson purchases of 9643and above

The following payment methods are accepted for this offer:


PayPal Japan

WebMoney JP

Please refer to the Premium Shop Guide for information on how to use it.

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