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Military Parade Special 2013

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Dear Tank Commanders,

There's more for you to celebrate in World of Tanks this 8th May in our Military Parade Special. Back in 1945, this exact same day marked the end of World War II, the most widespread war in human history. To remember this historical event, we're presenting you with some gifts such as a one day premium and a variety of consumables so be sure to get your share with this bonus code.

Now this is one military parade not to be missed!

Military Parade Special

1 Day Premium
5 Extra Combat Rations
5 Case of Cola
5 Chocolates
5 Improved Combat Rations
5 Strong Coffee
5 Pudding and Tea


Only redeemable once per account.


How to redeem your gift:

  1. Login to your account profile on the website.
  2. Select and click 'Activate Bonus Code' option in the dropdown list under your IGN then key in the below code to receive your gift. 


 *This code is valid from 08 May (Wednesday), 08:00 UTC+8 (00:00 UTC) to 16 May, 2013 (Thursday), 07:59 UTC+8 (15 May, Wednesday 23:59 UTC).