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May Gift Shop Special III 2013

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Tank Commanders,

The third Gift Shop Special for May is here with the British tank destroyer AT 15A and the German medium tank PzKpfw S35 739 (f). Get your hands on them now! The offer is only valid from 15th to 20th May so take advantage of these great deals now and enjoy great savings.

Enjoy the Gift Shop Special!

May Gift Shop Special III 2013

Event Start: 15 May, 2013 (Wednesday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 20 May, 2013 (Monday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package Name Package Contents Value in Gold Price
AT 15A  AT 15A
+1 Garage Slot
+5 Pudding and Tea
7,050 USD 28.89
PzKpfw S35 739 (f) PzKpfw S35 739 (f)
+1 Garage Slot
+1 Month's Premium
+5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
6,550 USD 26.79

Can't decide which bundle to get? Let these information below about the bundles help you in making up your mind!

AT 15A Bundle 

The AT 15A is the first Tank Destroyer to be added to the British branch. Placed at Tier VII in the tech tree, this premium tank is a powerhouse that possesses a good rate of fire and excellent accuracy. It has high armour for a tank destroyer that can bounce off many shots when angled properly and is immune to ramming from most tanks, even those from a higher tier like the KV-5. It's also a great tank for earning medals such as spartan, sniper, master gunner, or cool-headed.

Its weaknesses lie in the gun slit which is easily penetrated and its slow turning that makes it susceptible to flanking so exert great precaution during fights to prevent incurring huge repair costs.

We recommend this tank if you are looking for a challenge as it's no easy feat to master this vehicle. However, if you do successfully utilize it effectively, it's a sign that you're truly one of the better skilled Tank Commanders out there.

The AT-15A bundle has a garage slot for housing your tank and offers free premium consumables of pudding and tea that adds a flat 10 to the training level of all roles and crew skills for one entire match.

PzKpfw S35 739 (f) Bundle

The PzKpfw S35 739 (f) is a German tier 3 premium medium tank. A mobile tank with good maneuverability and acceleration, it has good hit points and a decent gun for its tier and will have no problems facing lower-tier tanks. The tank has a high rate of fire is capable of putting out a lot of damage. Other plus points are a large ammo capacity and a good signal range. Its size, however does make it vulnerable to incoming fire from the sides, therefore, it is recommended to always have the front face the enemy in order to minimize the damaged received and provide a smaller target for your enemy to shoot. As it has weak armor, it's always a good idea to team up with a group and support them with flanking shots.

For this bundle, you will receive a garage slot for storage space, 2,500 gold that allows you to purchase premium and a one month's premium to let you earn 50% more credits and 50% more experience per battle. The Automatic Fire Extiguishers are on us, free of charge! Use them to reduce the chance of your tank catching fire by 10%.

Purchase these packages for yourself or as gifts for your friends. Please refer to the Gift Shop Guide for information on how to use it.

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