May 2019 Credit Card Special Offer

Tank Commanders!

Ready to get more bang for your buck? Starting from now until 22nd May, all purchases made using the credit card payment method for this special gold bundle will include free bonus gold depending on the amount you choose!

May 2019 Credit Card Special Offer

Event Start: 16th May, 13:00 UTC+8
Event End: 22nd May, 13:00 UTC+8

There are three bonus categories in total, depending on the amount of gold you choose to purchase:

  • From 500 to 9,000 : 10% bonus gold
  • From 9,001 to 17,000 : 13% bonus gold
  • From 17,001 onwards: 15% bonus gold
IMPORTANT: This offer is available for all supported credit cards on the Premium Shop.


If you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to add more gold into your World of Tanks account, this is your chance!

Not sure how to go about making a purchase with your credit card? Here are some step-by-step instructions that you'll find useful.

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