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May 2013 Events & Specials Preview

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Tank Commanders!

The month of May will see four Gift Shop Specials as we will be celebrating two very special events of the year - Mother's Day & Labour Day. There will also be some other new specials for some events that are only happening in May so take a look at the planned activities below and mark the dates on your calendars.

Here is a rundown of the May 2013 Events and Specials.

Do join us for these events!

Monthly Specials:

  • Labour Day Gift Shop Special
  • Mother's Day Gift Shop Special
  • May Gift Shop Special III
  • May Gift Shop Special IV
  • USSR Heavies Special
  • Labour Day Special
  • Mother's Day Weekend Special
  • USA Heavies Special
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: Britain
  • Battle of Gazala Weekend Special
  • MayDay! MayDay! Special

Ingame Events:

  • Medal Hunt Event: Patrol Duty
  • Hunt Us Down Event #10
  • Medal Hunt Event: Steel Wall
  • Last Tank Standing Event #5
  • Tank Company Frenzy #5
  • Medal Hunt Event: Invader
  • Tank Company Frenzy #6
  • Hunt Us Down Event #11
  • Medal Hunt Event: Sniper
  • Tank Company Frenzy #7
  • Hunt Us Down Event #12

Country Specials

  • [SG] Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

We hope you'll join us during these days and participate in the events and contests. Keep a lookout for the dates on our Events Calendar.

***Please note that events are subject to change.