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March 2013 Events & Specials Preview

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Tank Commanders!

We have here with us the events calendar for the month of March 2013. These are the events and specials planned so mark them on your calendars and do join us for them!

Here is a rundown of the March 2013 Events and Specials:

Monthly Specials:

  • Tank of the Month Special
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: France
  • March Gift Shop Special I
  • Medal Hunt Event: Patrol Duty
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: USA
  • March Gift Shop Special II
  • Medal Hunt Event: Defender
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: USSR
  • March Gift Shop Special III
  • Medal Hunt Event: Invader
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: Germany (March Equinox)
  • March Gift Shop Special IV
  • Medal Hunt Event: Confederate
  • Tech Tree Focus Special: France

Ingame Events:

  • Hunt Us Down Event #5
  • Last Tank Standing Event #3
  • Hunt Us Down Event #6
  • Tank Company Frenzy #3
  • Hunt Us Down Event #7


  • March Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge
  • Packed for Pucka Dinner Competition
  • WoT Meet & Greet: Puckpunyal

We hope you'll join us during these days and participate in the events and contests. Keep a lookout for the dates on our Events Calendar.

***Please note that events are subject to change.