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Last Tank Standing #6 [UPDATED]

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Tank Commanders,

Look forward to lots of fun and action in Last Tank Standing Event #6 which will be occurring on 7th June, 2013 (Friday) from 17:30 UTC+8 (09:30 UTC) until 20:30 UTC+8 (12:30 UTC).

Log on to World of Tanks during the event timings and join the training rooms which will be opened specially for the event to take part. Do whatever it takes to be the last tank standing and that includes getting rid of your own allies on top of your foes. Defeat all who stand in your way ala Deathmode style and you will get to take home 1,500 gold as a reward.

Be sure to log into World of Tanks during the below timings to participate. Slots are limited so you need to be fast!

See you in the training room!

Last Tank Standing Event #6

This is a community event conducted in the training room. Participants are to eliminate all tanks including "allies" and be the last tank surviving in the training room.

Event Start: 7th June, 2013 (Friday) @ 17:30 UTC+8 (09:30 UTC)

Event End: 7th June, 2013 (Friday) @ 20:30 UTC+8 (12:30 UTC)

Staff/ community contributors can be identified by the following IDs:

  • WG_LTS_01 to WG_LTS_010 [UPDATED]

Event Details

  • Training rooms for the event will be named in this manner: "Wargaming Last Tank Standing - (details on tier limits and tank types)"
  • Training rooms will be opened during the event hours.
  • Up to 29 players can participate in a training room at a time.
  • Room time will be set to 15 minutes.
  • Players are allowed to participate as many times as they wish.
  • If the game ends without 1 tank remaining, there will be no winners declared for that round.

Training rooms will close at the end of each battle. Please join a room which is forming and do not wait in a room with games currently in progress.

 Creation of any similarly named training rooms which may distrupt the event will result in game bans being placed.



1,500 for the last tank standing.