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Labour Day Gift Shop Special 2013

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Tank Commanders,

TOG II or the Panther/ M-10? Decisions. Decisions. Why not have them both?

From 1st to 6th May, these 2 mammoth tanks will be made available on our Gift Shop at incredible deals so now you can have the best of both worlds. If you want to make an impression on the battlefields and instill fear in the hearts of your enemies, then these bundles are not to be missed.

Grab these beasts now and Roll Out!

Labour Day Gift Shop Special 2013

Event Start: 01 May, 2013 (Wednesday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 06 May, 2013 (Monday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package Name Package Contents Value in Gold Price
TOG II Bundle
+1 Garage Slot
+1 Week Premium
+5 Large Repair Kits
+5 Large First Aid Kits
+1 Pudding and Tea
5,600 USD 21.49
Panther/ M10 Pack Panther/ M10
+1 Garage Slot
+1 Week Premium
+5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
+5 Large First Aid Kits
+1 Chocolate
7,850 USD 31.05

Can't decide which bundle to get? Let these information below about the bundles help you in making up your mind!

TOG II Bundle

The TOG II  is a tier VI premium heavy tank that hails from the British tech tree. The vehicle is a beast that can take a lot of punishment and is able to absorb a ridiculous amount of damage for its tier. It's equipped with a great gun with excellent accuracy and penetration and has a good rate of fire, making it capable of damaging anything in its path without much problems. Being the second largest tank in the game, it is slow and its girth makes it a susceptible target as its huge tracks are easy to target and your opponents can manipulate this weakness to their advantage. However, what it lacks in speed is made up by its sheer strength as this mighty sumo of a tank has a huge pool of HP and is very resistant to ramming. It's said that it's probably the only tier VI tank that can survive a penetrating hit from the KV-2's 152mm cannon so don't underestimate it or you'll be sorry!

As the tank is rather slow and not very efficient for offensive strikes, the best way we recommend to play tank is as a support in the second-line or used defensively in a chokepoint.

What do you get if you decide to get this bundle? You will receive a garage slot to store the tank, a one week's premium that gives you 50% more credits and 50% more experience per battle to aid you in your grind and free consumables to make your life a breeze on the battlefields. Intimidate your foes on the battle field now with the TOG II!

 Panther/ M10 Pack

What's not to like about a Panther? The Panther/ M10 is a German tier VII premium medium tank that is basically a Panther without the magnificent 75mm L/100 gun. It has 50 less horsepower which is hardly noticeable and comes with a larger turret. It has a good rate of fire, superb accuracy for its tier and excellent speed and traverse. Although its armour is low and it doesn't quite pack a punch in the damage department, it has the highest hit points out of its tier VII medium tanks counterparts. So to say that it doesn't match up to the regular Panther would not be doing it any justice at all. One point that we absolutely love about this kitteh is its low repair costs and high credit income which makes it much more cost-effective than a Panther. You can't pass up on a great tank like this!

Trivia: The Panther-M10 is the first tank to sport a different color from the rest of the tanks of its nation.

You get almost the same deal as the TOG II bundle should you decide on this pack but instead of 5 Large Repair Kits and Pudding and Tea, you will get 5 Automatic Fire Extinguishers and Chocolate. And yup, they're all on the house. Get your Panther/ M10 pack today!


Purchase these packages for yourself or as gifts for your friends. Please refer to the Gift Shop Guide for information on how to use it.

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