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Killer Instinct Event

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Tank Commanders,

Just how good are your killer instincts? Here’s a test for you to find out! For this special forum event, players are required to record a video of their tank shooting at an unseen target (not visible on the screen and mini-map) and successfully scoring a kill. Submit the videos unto the event submission forum thread, making sure to follow these submission criteria.

Killer Instinct Event

Submit a recorded video of your tank shooting at an unseen target and successfully scoring a kill here in the event submission forum thread and stand a chance to win 500

Submission Date: 13 – 19 August, 2012


Submission Criteria:

1. Upload the video to youtube and embed it on the forum submission thread
2. Provide the nickname of the player whose tank you had destroyed (that is not visible on the screen and mini-map)
3. Provide the time of the kill as recorded in the video. Example: (03:24 mins)

Additional notes: Targets destroyed after disappearing from detection/view after 1 sec are also counted.


First 8 players who submit their videos on the forum thread will receive 500