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Killer 8 Event

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Tank Commanders,

If you're itching for some action then come satisfy your bloodthirst now in this Killer 8 Event. Prowl the battlefields to secure 8 tank kills and take a screenshot of your final scoreboard as proof of your overwhelming prowess. Submit the screenshot to the email address provided below to take part and you may soon be smirking your way to a 800 gold prize.

Let's Battle!

Killer 8 Event

Event Start: 09 October, 2012 (Tuesday)

Event End: 21 October, 2012 (Sunday)


Event Mechanics:
  • Players are to destroy 8 tanks in a public game.
  • Players are to take a screenshot of the final scoreboard with their IGN clearly displayed and send it to to participate in the event.
  • 18 random winners will be drawn at the end of the event.


800 each.