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Kill the Courier Event

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Tank Commanders,

Two courier vehicles will be plowing their way through your tanks on the battlefield this weekend and they mean serious business. See if you have what it takes to stop them in their tracks and end their rampage. Be sure to log into World of Tanks this weekend at the timings stated below for a chance to encounter these couriers in the random battles. If you manage to land a killing blow on any of the couriers, you will earn for yourself a spiffy reward of 250 gold!

The couriers will drive under the following nicknames:

  • WG_courier1 
  • WG_courier2


Kill the Courier Event

Hunt down the couriers for a shot at 250prize!

Date of event: 15-16 September, 2012 (Sat & Sun)

Time of event: 4pm – 9pm (SG, MY, PH)

You may only kill the courier if he is on the opposing team. Friendly fire kills will not account for a win. Attacks and actions against your own team are strictly prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary actions taken by World of Tanks.

Players are not required to submit screenshots to prove the courier kill.



250 for the player who lands a killing blow on the courier tank

Note: Each Tank Commander is only allowed to win the gold prize once. Killing the courier again in another battle will not entitle you to another 250 gold.