Join the 1AR Shenanigans!

As one of ANZ’s most established and well-known clan networks – the 1st Armoured Regiment – invites you to join in on their fun and games night – the Shenanigans! All are welcome this Saturday, May 4th from 6pm UTC+8 to jump in and play a few light-hearted themed private matches alongside JayRated, StewieJP, IMC_Jimmy and the rest of the 1AR/2AR/1AR-M crews.

Here’s a bit more information about what the night entails from clan-member (little) Stewy:

The 1AR Shenanigans were founded by Armor_Girl over 6 years ago, and since then have become a grand tradition within the 1AR community, happening very often throughout each year.

The reasoning behind the Shenanigans is simple, getting your mates together, having a few drinks and enjoy the game without the stress of clan wars or pubbies. Whether it be Panzer 1Cs racing around Klondike (Pronounced Klon-Dee-Key) or shoving each other off bridges, the Shenanigan nights are truly a spectacle to enjoy.

Activities may include:

  • Racing  – Pretty self-explanatory. Lots of Panzer 1 Cs racing around various maps, if we ever finish a lap without a death, wargaming really should give us a prize or something.

  • Argy Bargy  – Biggest tanks you have, push up against each other on a bridge until only 1 team is left standing.

  • Artillery Shotgun Battles  – No map, no HUD, all arty, no rules!

  • Skeet Shooting  – Tier 10 tanks try to snipe Panzer 1Cs out of the air while they dive off the Overlord Cliff

  • Moggy  – Sort of the shenanigan version of Random battles. Everyone goes into a certain tier tank and for the first 5 minutes, it's played as a normal battle. Soon as the 5 minutes is up, it’s a free for all. Whoever finishes the round with the highest amount of damage/team damage wins a prize.

  • Tank Launching  – New to the Shenanigan scene, very small tanks sit themselves on a dead tank on overlord, as a very fast heavy tank rams them. The smaller tank gets catapulted hundreds of feet in the air.

  • Run the Gauntlet  - Also relatively new to the Shenanigans, this is where a horde of Panzer 1Cs must make it from 1 side of Himmelsdorf's center garden to the other while avoiding a much smaller group of EBR 75s, who are required to violently ram you to death.

If you’d like a more relaxed way to enjoy World of Tanks, and/or you’d just like to get to know more of your local community, this is the perfect way to do both! Make sure you’re in the World of Tanks Asia Discord server by Saturday afternoon, and if you’re new to Shenanigans, drop a message in the #anz channel or jump in the ‘Shenanigans’ voice chat to make sure you’re included.

Who knows, there might be a few prizes floating around for winners, losers, most glorious death, or flawless tank race! It’s all up to the Shenanigans to decide. But if you can’t participate, be sure to join the fun on Twitch, with our CC StewieJP and several other 1AR members streaming the fun and games.

You can find their links below:

See you there!!!