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Historical Special: John Walter Christie's Birthday

Tank Commanders,

This week marks the birthday anniversary of James Walter Christie, the man who invented the Christie suspension system used by a wide variety of tanks that were built during the Second World War.

A man with an unbending will and opinion regarding his creations, the same personality that birthed a new generation of armoured vehicles also served to alienate many of the top brass in the military due to his resistance to criticism regarding his designs. However, where some thumbed their noses up at his prototypes, others were greatly impressed by it, going so far as to smuggle them using espionage, deception and skirting the laws of the time.

Eventually, Christie's prototypes led to new tank designs, including the Soviet BT series that consequently evolved into the iconic T-34. Over on British soil, the suspension system formed the basis of light and manoeuvrable tanks such as the Cruiser III, Crusader and Comet tanks.

In light of his achievements and his inventions that influenced the course of history, we bring you a minor special that revolves around the tanks that benefitted the most from his designs.


05 - 09 May: Historical Special: J. Walter Christie's Birthday

Event Start: 05 May, 2014 (Monday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 09 May, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)


Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


 Enjoy 50% discounts on the following vehicles:

All Tier II - V light tanks (except USSR)


05 - 09 May: Mission - Light Tank Bonus
Gain x1.5 EXP by using light tanks in battle

Restrictions Conditions Prizes 
  • Random Battles only
  • Light Tanks only
  • Repeatable
  • Be one of the top 10 in your team for most EXP gained
  • x1.5 EXP

05 - 09 May: Mission - Walter Christie Vehicles
Earn bonus credit income by using the selected tanks on the list

Restrictions Conditions Prizes 
  • Repeatable
  • Use the following tanks on the list:
    • LT III BT-2
    • LT III BT-7
    • LT IV Covenanter
    • LT V Crusader
    • MT V T-34
    • MT VII Comet
  • x1.5 Bonus Credit Income