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Heroes Event

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Survival is the name of the game. Just like our previous Protect the VIP events, players need to ensure the safety of their “hero” in order to win. However, the difference is that teams will be pre-assembled instead of made up of random players. Players will submit a team of 14 members and each team are required to pick a CM as their “hero”. The objective of the game is to win the battle with your team’s hero still alive.

You can vote for the CM whom you want to see participating in the event. Top 4 CMs with the most votes will be joining you so pick your choices wisely!

Heroes Event

Protect your hero and win the battle to receive gold prizes.

Date of event: 06-07 October, 2012 (Sat & Sun)

Time of event: 4pm – 7pm (SG, MY, PH)

Registrations for the event will be held in the forums from 01 October, 2012 @ 19:00hrs (+8 GMT) to 05 October, 2012 @ 19:00hrs (+8 GMT).


Submission Requirements

  • Players are required to submit a team of 14 members and each team will pick a CM as their "hero."
  • All submission must be in the forum thread stating the IGNs of all 14 members, tanks and team name.
  • If the CM you have chosen did not attain enough votes to be in the top 4, we will replace your choice with a CM of our choice from the top 4.

Event Details

  • Victory criteria: Achieve the map objective with your team's hero alive.
  • A dead hero results in an instant loss and the only way to draw the match is to kill the enemy hero. 
  • Heroes will use Tier 8, non-SPG tanks that will be included in the "Hero Profile" that the teams can choose.
  • Light/Medium/Heavy tanks and TDs are restricted up to Tier 7; SPGs are restricted to Tier 4.
  • Only Top 4 CMs which have the most votes will get selected to participate in the event.
  • Match timings will be announced by 06 October, 2012 (Saturday).
  • All matches will take place in training room.
  • There will only be a maximum of 9 matches (18 teams) per day.
Rules and Regulations:
  • Room will be opened 5mins in advance of the schedule.
  • If by the stipulated timing, either team does not have the full team members, the match will still proceed.
  • There will only be 1 round.
  • The winner is the team which WINS the match with the "hero" still alive.
  • If there is a match where both heroes are dead, there will be no rematch and no winners will be declared.
  • Teams without the full 14 members during the submission will not be considered.


300 per team member for the winning team