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Tank Company Frenzy Event #1 [UPDATED]

Tank Commanders,

Fancy having some matches against the Wargaming team?

From 17:30 UTC +8 (09:30 UTC) to 20:30 UTC +8 (12:30 UTC) on 25 January, 2013 (Friday), the team will be forming a WG Tank Company  and playing at these timings. All you have to do is form your own tank company in Medium Tank Company Game Mode and play during the event period to get a chance to match up against the WG Tank Comany. If you managed to secure a victory over them, you'll be rewarded with 600 gold for your game well played. Don't fret if you lose the battle for you'll still get to receive 300 gold for your efforts.

Don't forget to log on during these timings with your own tank company for a chance to play and win.

See you at this Tank Company Frenzy Event on Friday!


Company of Heroes Event

Challenge the WG Tank Company with your own tank company formed in Medium Tank Company Game Mode and get to win 600 gold for a victory over them!

Event Start: 25 January, 2013 (Friday) @ 17:30 UTC +8 (09:30 UTC)

Event End: 25 January, 2013 (Friday) @ 20:30 UTC +8 (12:30 UTC)


How to Participate

Players are to form their own tank companies in Medium Tank Company Game Mode during the event timing and wait for the system to arrange a match-up against the WG Tank Company.

Medium Tank Company Requirements:


  • Total tier level: minimum 40 pts - maximum 60 pts
  • Artillery level: 1-4
  • Tank destroyer level: 2-6
  • Light tank level: 1-4
  • Medium tank level: 1-6
  • Heavy tank level: 4-6


Tank Company Battles require at least 4 teams in the matchmaking queue to start.


Teams are allowed to participate multiple times during event.


Victory Conditions

Eliminate the WG Tank Company or capture their base to secure victory.



Participants who win against the WG Tank Company will be awarded 600each.

Participants who loses against the WG Tank Company will be given 300each.