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Chinese New Year Red Packets

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Tank Commanders,

Following the Chinese tradition of giving away red packets during the Lunar New Year, World of Tanks will be handing out "red packets" of our own as a symbol of good luck. Celebrate this auspicious holiday by stuffing yourself with these goodies we have just for you: chocolate, cola, pudding, tea, coffee and combat rations.

Why stop at second helpings? Have 5 instead! Help yourself to your red packet and indulge in these goodies when the code becomes active tomorrow.


Chinese New Year Red Packets

  • 1 Day Premium
  • Chocolate x 5
  • Case of Cola x 5
  • Pudding and Tea x 5
  • Extra Combat Rations x 5
  • Strong Coffee x 5
  • Improved Combat Rations x 5

***Only redeemable once per account.


How to redeem your red packet:

  1. Login to your account profile on the website.
  2. Select and click 'Activate Bonus Code' option in the dropdown list under your IGN then key in the below code to receive your gifts. 


 *This code is valid from 10 February (Sunday), 08:00 UTC+8 (00:00 UTC) to 28 February, 2013 (Thursday), 07:59 UTC+8 (27 February, 23:59 UTC).