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Advent Calendar 2016: Day 17

In-Game Events
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Tank Commanders,

It's the 17th day of the Advent Calendar!

Today, we bring you a sale featuring the E 25. For the next 24 hours, you'll be able to purchase this tank bundle:

  • Day 17 - E 25: Contains the tank, 1 garage slot, gold,and personal reserves

More details about the bundle, including the price, can be found below. Enjoy!

Roll Out!

What is the Advent Calendar?



Event Start: 17 December, 2016 (Saturday) @ 13:45 UTC+8 (05:45 UTC)

Event End: 18 December, 2016 (Sunday) @ 14:20 UTC+8 (06:20 UTC)



Package Name
Day 17 - E 25

Package Contents
 E 25
 1 Garage Slot
 10 Personal Reserves: +300% Crew EXP (1h)
 15 Personal Reserves: +100% EXP (1h)


Value in Gold

USD 49.39


Featured Premium Tanks  

E 25


The E 25 is a German Tier VII premium tank destroyer.

Its superior speed of 65km/h allows it to move into action quickly. And its Power/Wt Ratio allows it to climb places fairly quickly.

The E 25 does, however, have low penetration abilities. But its accuracy will allow you to hit weak spots with ease. It also has weak armour, so be sure to utilize this TD's speed and move around to avoid getting hit.



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