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6th June: Last Tank Standing Event

Tank Commanders!

We all know that skill is usually measured by the number of tanks you can kill before the end of the match (or until yours goes down in flames), but what about those that are talented in the art of staying alive?

Whatever your beliefs about judging skill level based on survivial rates, there is no doubt that the hardiest among us will definitely be interested in this event!

Introducing the Last Tank Standing Event

Event Start: 6 June, 2014 (Friday) @ 17:30 UTC+8 (09:30 UTC)

Event End: 6 June, 2014 (Friday) @ 20:30 UTC+8 (12:30 UTC)


This Friday, we're opening several training rooms to host the Last Tank Standing event. Official event training rooms will be created by Wargaming accounts (WG_LTS_1, WG_LTS_2...), and can hold up to 29 players each.

Note: The event will only be held in the rooms created by Wargaming accounts - any other rooms are not officially supported and will not award winners with gold even if they complete the objective!

How to Win & Event Prizes

So how does one win in the Last Tank Standing event? Simple: Kill everyone and everything. It doesn't matter whose tank gets destroyed (your own teammates can and will shoot you to win) or how it happens (drowning, crashing or a good old-fashioned round in the ammo rack), the only thing you need to know is that you become be the last player alive.

Do that, and you will be awarded with 1,000!

Event Details

  • Training rooms will be opened during the event hours.
  • Official event rooms will be created by Wargaming accounts (WG_LTS_1, WG_LTS_2...).
  • Some event rooms will contain language tags (e.g. TH, ZH-TW, VI, JA). The one running the event room will only broadcast messages with the selected language, but all players are welcome to join.
  • Up to 29 players can participate in the training room at a time.
  • Time limit will be set to 10 minutes.
  • Players may participate as many times as they wish.
  • The last surviving player will win 1,000
  • Only games with only 1 remaining tank will have winners.
  • Event prizes will be awarded within 2 weeks after the event.
  • Prizes are cumulative so the more times you win, the more gold you'll get!
  • If you are not chosen for the room that you're in, exit the room and join another one.
  • Once your tank gets destroyed, join another room to make the most of the event.
  • Take a screenshot showing that you were the last tank standing for your battle in case of disputes or delays in awarding.

There's lots of gold to be won on Friday evening, so do your best to be there! Roll out!