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21 - 28 March: [Premium Shop] March Twilight

Tank Commanders,

The twilight hour approaches when the sun leaves the horizon. During that time, the light of day slowly disappears from the land and night approaches. Nightfall should never be an excuse for a soldier to drop defences. Victory will be compromised.

As a trained soldier, take time to stock up on battle essentials to make sure you and your allies are always prepared for battle.

Need a new ride? There's a discount on all Tier VI-VII vehicles!

Browse through the packages below and purchase what you need for yourself and friends!


21 - 28 March: [Premium Shop] March Twilight

Event Start: 21 March, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 28 March, 2014 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC) 


Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.


Package Name Package Contents Value in Gold Price
Budgeted Booster

4 Large Repair Kits
4 Automatic Fire Extinguishers
7 Days Premium

500,000 Credits

4,150 USD 16.45
Great Savings Booster
  7 Days Premium

2,000,000 Credits

13,250 USD 51.05
Credits Booster
3,000,000 Credits
10,500 USD 41.75

Enjoy 30% discounts on the following Premium tanks:

Tier VI MT Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm
Tier VII MT Panther/M10
Tier VI TD Dicker Max
Tier VII TD E-25
Tier VI TD
  Tier VII TD SU-122-44 
Tier VII TD AT-15A
Tier VI LT Type 64


Can't decide which tank to get? Let the information below help you.

Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm

The Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm is a premium tier 6 medium tank from the German tech tree. Tankers enjoy this vehicle for its accurate gun. Great penetration abilities allow shots from this tank to penetrate armour of 113-188mm. With high accuracy, a good RoF, and penetrating capabilities, this tank makes one fearsome sniper!

Just make sure you have your weak hull armour covered while around enemy tanks. To stay alive, keep your weak spots protected or support your team with firepower from afar.

  • Excellent penetration
  • Strong turret armour
  • Good gun depression
  • Superior accuracy
  • Ideal for crew training
  • Low alpha damage
  • Weak hull armour
  • Quite slow for a medium tank


Did you know that the Panther/ M10 was the first tank to sport a different colour from the other tanks of its nation? Performance-wise, this German Tier 7 medium tank has great accuracy for its tier, and superb speed and traverse. It also has the highest HP out of its tier 7 medium tank counterparts.

Although it does not deal very high damage, it is balanced by a good rate of fire. Be sure to keep moving to avoid getting hit on the sides and rear armour where the tank is at its weakest.

Other than that, this tank has low repair costs and high credit income, making it more cost-effective in comparison to other Panthers.

  • Good rate of fire
  • Great accuracy for its tier, and decent accuracy while moving
  • Excellent speed and traverse
  • Decent acceleration
  • Excellent turret traverse
  • Low repair cost and high credit income
  • Highest hit points out of all tier 7 medium tanks
  • Never sees tier 9 fights unlike the regular Panther
  • Least expensive tier 7 premium tank
  • Relatively thick turret armour combined with a decent gun mantlet/gun depression and lack of easily targeted cupola make it pretty good at hulldown
  • Upper glacis is effective at bouncing shots from tier 7 and lower tanks due to the average thickness combined with its sloping
  • Excellent support tank for tier 7 heavies
  • Mediocre thickness on the armour
  • Retains the thin lower glacis weakpoint from the Panther. When penetrated, the tanks tends to light on fire (cover this as much as you can)
  • Fairly low damage per shot, but average compared to the tier 7 mediums. Only the T20 has a large difference in terms of alpha damage
  • Barely sufficient penetration against tier 8 tanks, run away from Tiger II's or IS-3's unless shooting sides/rear/weakspots

Dicker Max

The Dicker Max is a German tier VI tank destroyer. It works like a deadly secret agent - lurking in high places and waiting to ambush unsuspecting foes behind all corners. This tank dishes out high alpha damage and can penetrate armour of 127-211mm. It has a fairly accurate gun too.

Like all other tanks, keep the D. Max's strengths and weaknesses in mind. The D. Max has extremely weak armour, so make full use of its 400m view range, work with allied scouts and enjoy giving enemies a couple of smokes.

Just remember to stay hidden and to move often so your shots don't give away your position.

  • Great gun depression
  • Good DPM
  • Superb view range
  • Excellent credit-maker
  • Easy to camouflage
  • High alpha damage
  • Low ammo capacity
  • Weak armour
  • Poor acceleration and turning speed
  • High ammo costs


The E-25 is a German tier 7 premium tank destroyer.

This beast could pop a shot into an enemy tank once every 3 seconds. Its superior speed of 65km/h allows it to move into action quickly. And its Power/Wt Ratio allows it to climb places fairly quickly.

The E-25 does, however, have low penetration abilities. But its accuracy will allow you to hit weak spots with ease. It also has weak armour, so be sure to utilize this TD's speed and move around to avoid getting hit.

Team up with some good scouts and fire away at located enemies. The E-25 makes a great support sniper.

  • Amazing speed and mobility
  • Very low silhouette.
  • Insane RoF - a round every 3 seconds
  • Excellent camo rating
  • Can scout (if needed)
  • Outstanding accuracy, far superior to the regular 7,5 cm StuK 42 L/70
  • Can be played as a ghost recon sniper
  • Very useful for quick support
  • Special MM, encounters up to Tier VIII tanks
  • Low armour
  • Low Alpha damage and poor penetration for its tier
  • Crew members get knocked out fairly easily
  • Small ammo capacity for its RoF





The SU-100Y from the USSR is the stuff nightmares are made of. It has a very powerful 130mm gun which is extremely lethal on a tier 6 tank. If there are boss tanks to fight out there, this beast definitely qualifies. It may not be the fastest tier 6 Tank Destroyer, but it is easy to manoeuvre - which is great for tankers who are new to TDs.

As for the tank's weakness, be aware of your thin armour as many opponents will be able to down you quickly. The SU-100Y's signal range is not great either, so you will not be able to shoot well across tricky maps. But on the bright side, you won't have to worry too much about being chased by opponents. Fear will drive them away naturally with the exception of worthy opponents or the very foolish.

  • Ranks high amongst Tier 6s for alpha damage
  • High HP for a Tier 6 Tank Destroyer
  • Engine allows it to reach its top speed quickly
  • Good manoeuvrability for a Tank Destroyer
  • No bush is big enough for this tank to hide in
  • Very weak armour
  • Bad signal range


The SU-122-44 from the USSR tech tree puts up a good fight with its deadly DPM. Like most TDs, this tier 7 has very weak armour, but compensates with its ability to deal an insane amount of damage. Experts of hide and seek will love this tank. This tank is definitely a sniper, so make full use of its camouflage potential and have fun killing tanks long before they see you.
Its top speed of 47 km/h allows your tank to move to ideal positions fairly quickly, but remember to avoid being detected at all costs. As a Tank Destroyer, a good offence is a good defence. Kill them before they kill you.
  • Good alpha damage
  • Good top speed
  • Great hull traverse allows it to manoeuvre well
  • Fantastic rate of fire
  • Camouflages well
  • Long aim time
  • Does not accelerate well
  • Slow turret traverse speed


The TOG II  has a generous dose of HP and strong armour. Its angled armour can also bounce enemy shells. Get this tank if you are looking for a survivor that can deal good damage. This British tier 6 heavy tank has a good rate of fire, accuracy, and penetration.

Many tankers make fun of the TOG II's size - it is clumsy at running and hiding. But it can be an intimidating force when used defensively or in support roles. Never underestimate the TOG II!

  • Good Rate of Fire
  • High HP for its tier
  • Great accuracy and penetration
  • Armour can bounce shots with good angling
  • Hard to be detracked
  • Resistant to ramming
  • Good matchmaking
  • It gives other players something to laugh about.
  • Constantly underestimated on the battlefield
  • Second largest tank in the game, making it an easy target
  • Very poor top speed makes it 2nd slowest tank in game
  • Large ammo rack
  • Armour is mostly flat
  • Low alpha damage
  • Slow acceleration
  • Large tracks are easy to hit
  • One of the lowest win rates of all tanks


The AT 15A is the first Tank Destroyer of the British branch. It is a tier 7 vehicle.

This premium tank is a powerhouse that possesses a good rate of fire and excellent accuracy. It has high armour for a tank destroyer that can bounce off many shots when angled properly and is immune to ramming from most tanks, even those from a higher tier like the KV-5. It's also a great tank for earning medals such as Spartan, Sniper, Master Gunner, or Cool-headed.

Its weaknesses lie in the gun slit which is easily penetrated and its slow turning that makes it susceptible to flanking so exert great precaution during fights to prevent incurring huge repair costs.

We recommend this tank if you are looking for a challenge as it's no easy feat to master this vehicle. However, if you do successfully utilize it effectively, it's a sign that you're truly one of the better skilled Tank Commanders out there!

  • High armour for a TD
  • Shots can be bounced when angled well
  • Good Rate of Fire
  • Very high accuracy
  • Low ammo cost
  • Very wide gun traverse arc
  • Very good gun depression
  • Immune to ramming from most tanks
  • Very weak gun for its tier
  • Very slow
  • Weak hull armour
  • Turns slowly
  • Very low income generation for its tier


Type 64

The Type 64 is a Tier 6 Chinese Light Tank.

Its top speed at 72km/hr and excellent signal range makes it a great scout. This tank is able to run circles even around light tanks, so use the manoeuvrability to your advantage.

Be careful, though. The Type 64 has extremely thin armour on the front, sides, and rear. One of the best defence strategies is to keep moving and avoid getting hit. Target enemies with weaker armour if you wish to reap a few kills.

  • Excellent speed
  • Manoeuvres easily
  • Good gun depression
  • Decent view range
  • Great signal range
  • Weak armour
  • Slow turret traverse speed
  • Poor accuracy
  • Radio operator required
  • Usually matched with higher tiers


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