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12-15 August: [Premium Shop] Wargaming's 18 Anniversary Pre-party Celebrations

Tank Commanders,

The party hasn't started but the mood to celebrate is in the air. Since it's already there, why not celebrate anyway? Just a reminder that there are some really cool deals running till Monday.

Happy shopping!


Event Start: 12 August, 2016 (Friday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

Event End: 15 August, 2016 (Monday) @ 13:50 UTC+8 (05:50 UTC)

50% off for the following vehicles:

  •  T2 Light Tank
  •  M22 Locust
  •  T-127
  •  Valentine II
  •  Churchill III
  •  Matilda IV

Premium Account Time discounts:

  • 3 Days Premium Time will temporarily be available for 350
  • 7 Days Premium Time will temporarily be available for 680

Featured Premium Tanks  

T2 Light Tank


The T2 Light Tank is an American Tier II premium light tank. It is very fast with a top speed of 72 km/hr. Good driving skills are needed to bring out the best in this tank. Well-executed circling tactics will increase your rate of survival.

It has a weak gun and poor armour. So, keep moving to avoid enemy fire. Avoiding direct contact is also a good idea since being rammed to destruction is a possibility. This tank serves as a great distraction to opponents while your teammates take down unsuspecting tankers.


M22 Locust


The M22 Locust is a fast and fun tank to play. It's a small sized American Tier III premium light tank that can reach a top speed of 64km/hr pretty quickly regardless of terrain. Don't get too carried away by its fast speed though, as the radio range of the M22 is limited.

It boasts a higher penetration that its German counterpart, the T-15, but is less manoeuvrable and has a lower view range. It has good penetration for its tier with a 37 mm M-6 gun equipped and can take out opponents with its high rate of fire. However, the gun cannot penetrate tier V tanks unless you target their weak spots. One thing to look out for when playing this tank is to be mindful of your ammunition supply as the limited supply of 50 shells can run out quickly.



The T-127 tank has one of thickest hull and turret armour in the game for its tier with a slightly sloped frontal armour that will allow you to bounce shots off from tanks of the same tier and take multiple hits without much trouble. If you use cover and time your shots, this tank has great sustainability in close combat which allows you to take on multiple opponents.

It is also equipped with a gun that has a good rate of fire and can penetrate most tanks of similar tiers. While it is slower than the other Soviet light tanks, this tank is much more at home on the front lines than its faster and more agile siblings. Its weakness lies in the rear of the turret so avoid exposing this area to your opponents.

Valentine II


The Valentine II is a Soviet Tier IV premium light tank. Don't let its looks fool you. This tank may look small, but it has strengths and weaknesses similar to those of heavy tanks. It also has great armour and has 380 HP which is generous for its type and tier.

Churchill III


The Churchill III is a Soviet Tier V premium heavy tank. Although slow, it has devastating firepower! It has a high rate of fire at 26.25 r/m which can down opponents quickly. Look out for weak spots and bully those pansies into submission! Another great feature that makes this tank a keeper is that it generates a lot of EXP, which makes it a great tank for training your crew.

Matilda IV


The Soviet Tier V Matilda IV is a medium tank, but should be played like a heavy. Although this tank has great armour, high HP, and can unleash some serious damage, it is slow. You will need superb battle instincts to know where to position this tank so it can be a valuable piece in your team's victory.

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