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1-15 November: 15th Anniversary Tier X Special, M48A1 Patton (Patton's Birthday)

Tank Commanders,

Are you up for some good old cowboy action?

This month, we're bringing you the next tank in our 15th Anniversary Tier X specials: the M48A1 Patton. We chose this tank because the man it was named after - General George S. Patton - was also born on the 11th of November. Were he still alive, it would be his 128th birthday this year.

As the jack-of-all-trades medium tank, the Patton is ideally suited to outflank the enemy in battles while their attention is focused elsewhere. Use it to support your heavies in combat and surprise your opponents with a well-placed shot!

In honour of the man and the tank, we're giving you a discount for the duration of this event: Purchase a Patton now (either the M46 or M48A1), and you can shave off 30% of the original price.

Got a Patton already? Don't worry; we'll also be offering discounts for several vehicles in the American tech tree. See below for the full list.

Roll Out!

15th Anniversary Tier X Special: M48A1 Focus (1-15 November)

Event Start: 1 November, 2013  (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 15 November, 2013 (Friday) @ 13:30 - 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Please note that timings are not fixed and may vary within that range.

Enjoy 30% discount on the following tanks:
Enjoy 50% discount on the following tanks:

M48A1 Patton



Tank Trivia: General George S. Patton

  • George S. Patton was born on 11th November, 1885.
  • He has served in both World Wars.
  • Considered by many to be one of the biggest contributors for modern tank warfare.
  • He commanded the US Third Army, leading them from the Invasion of Normandy to the end of the war in Europe.
  • Patton led his tanks into the famous Battle of the Bulge. They were victorious with the help of their fellow American soldiers, which included a particular band of paratroopers from Easy Company, 101st Airborne Division...
  • He was known for his rousing speeches that managed to motivate and inspire the Third Army. Most, if not all of these speeches are filled with vulgarities(!) which some officers were unhappy about.