[Premium Shop] Honourable Departure: FCM 50t

Tank Commanders,

The  VIII FCM 50 t  heavy tank has been available in the Premium Shop, but will soon be withdrawn from regular Premium Shop sales. We will definitely see it around supporting allies in battle with its speedy tracks and fast reloading gun. And racking up good credits while the tank lands shots into careless foes!

What's great about the FCM 50 t?

  • One of the fastest heavy tanks in the game!
  • Has a 90 mm gun that can penetrate heavy tanks like the E-75, IS-3 or T32 if you aim at the right places.
  • Preferential matchmaking: no one above Tier IX.
  • Signal range of 750m allows you to assess situations ahead before charging in.

... But you should also look out for weaknesses like...

  • Armour is low in comparison to other heavy tanks, but its HP pool can allow it to take a few hits.
  • Huge size makes it an easy target once spotted. Use your speed and mobility to get out of trouble when possible.
  • Despite it being a heavy tank, it is more of a support vehicle. Don't forget the power of teamwork!
  • Not the easiest tank to get good at, but is a lot of fun when you develop strategies that work well.

Have yet to get your FCM 50 t?

Purchase the package below for yourself or for a friend!


[Premium Shop] Honourable Departure: FCM 50t

Event Start: 09 February, 2018 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 12 February, 2018 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

  • Spotlight: FCM 50 t
Spotlight: FCM 50 t

Package Contents: 

  • VIII FCM 50 t  
  •  1 Garage Slots
  • 5x Victory EXP bonus (30 tokens)

    Note: Remaining x5 EXP bonuses will expire if not used completely before 1st June 2018. Not applicable for first victories. Must rank within top 10 by EXP in your team.
  •  30 days Premium Account time


  • USD 49.85