[Video] The Challenger and the Tiger I: Part 1

Tank Commanders!

The Tiger I is the obsession of many tank enthusiasts and history buffs. As a special treat, The Challenger tracks down the last operational Tiger I in existence today - named simply as 'Tiger 131', and goes over every last detail about this magnificent machine.

Because of the sheer amount of material generated in the process of dissecting the Tiger I and uncovering all of its secrets, this particular 'Inside the Tanks' episode will be split up into 5 different parts. The first episode is dedicated to the history of Tiger 131 in particular, including the circumstances surrounding its discovery and capture.

Note: Subtitles for this video series are also available for Thai, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. To enable subtitles on Youtube, simply click on the 'CC' icon located at the bottom right corner of the video.

Enjoy the video!