Rock on with The Offspring's Customization Set!


When legendary California punk rockers The Offspring come to play, the earth shakes, massive stage lights dazzle, and epic customizations rock the battlefield.

Featuring the explosive "Turn It Up!" 2D style, The Offspring’s hazardous skull logo, and instantly recognizable band name inscriptions, this mega customizations bundle has it all. Get it now to decorate your vehicles with:

  • A smashing 2D style
  • Ten hardcore decals
  • Two rocking emblems
  • Two cool The Offsping inscriptions


Complete your The Offspring collection with the band crew, their original voice-over, a unique soundtrack and medal, and their “Pretty Fly”  VIII TL-1 LPC !

Featured Vehicles

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The  VIII TL-1 LPC  is ready to serve up an unforgettable performance in battle! It is a comfortable medium tank with an excellent gun and decent armor. Show up alongside your allies and offer fire support or flank enemies when they least suspect it!

Suggested Loadout