Map Guide - Karelia

Based on a real-life region located near the border of Finland and Russia, summer map Karelia is best known for its mountain ranges and winding valleys. There's a lot of open ground and not much cover here, so read this map guide to learn where you can go to avoid being picked off by enemy artillery!

Vehicle Tier Limit: Tier IV and above


Sniper Hotspots

The tank icons marked on the maps below denote the most effective sniping positions for each team, and the corresponding yellow spots indicate areas to target.

Hover over or click on the tank icons to see detailed images. If the image window does not appear, please view this article in the desktop version of your web browser.
South Team
North Team

Danger Zones

The following are the areas where your vehicle is most vulnerable to enemy attacks. Tread carefully if you are passing through, or try to find a safe route to avoid them!

The red and orange tank icons denote zones where tanks or equipment are most frequently destroyed. Yellow tank icons mark areas that are still dangerous, but relatively less so.


SPG Attack Zones

The blue areas are ideal for SPGs to launch their attacks from; the yellow, orange, and red spots show the zones where the risk of being attacked is highest, with red being the most hazardous.

Conversely, you can stake out the opposing team's blue areas to eliminate enemy arty before they have a chance to rain fire on you! 

Hover over or click on the SPG icons to see where each is most likely to strike. If the strike areas do not appear, please view this article in the desktop version of your web browser.


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