Kraftwerk: Where Gold is Hidden


Take a look at what's in the Kraftwerk map. While you're here, you can visit the underground bunker, find reliable shelter from artillery, and climb a mountain of gold.

Go Underground, Behind Enemy Lines

Kraftwerk lets your vehicles travel underground. It'll be hard for the enemy to notice, and is therefore ideal for breaking through to the rear. The network of Kraftwerk tunnels stretches for a considerable distance, under several sections of the map. The tunnels themselves are huge, so even the VK 100.01 (P) will be able to manoeuvre underground.

The developers were inspired by the underground Soviet bunker in Balaklava, known as the Object 825 GTS. It could withstand a nuclear strike and was intended for storing submarines. There's no need to worry about the camera work while in the tunnels as the developers have made it as comfortable as possible for any playthrough.

Secret German Bunker

If you are familiar with the German FAU-2 program, then the details and buildings of the Kraftwerk map will be very interesting to you. The developers were inspired by the architecture that was left over from a secret German retaliation weapon program. On the map you can find buildings that belonged to the German bunker in the north of France, in the territory of Eperleck commune, ten kilometers northwest of Saint-Omer.

It was a large underground complex that was used for prelaunch preparation and refueling of FAU-2 missiles. It was assumed that it would be possible to place up to 100 missiles in it and produce enough liquid oxygen for the daily launches of 36 FAU-2.

The allies learned about the construction of this facility in France in April 1943 thanks to air reconnaissance. Not knowing its purpose, the Allied Command decided to destroy the bunker just in case. On August 27, 1943, 187 Boeing B-17 Flying bombers dropped 368,910 kg bombs on an unfinished bunker, causing catastrophic damage.

Have a Good Hunt

Kraftwerk is a huge map with many interesting and recognisable locations. Have you ever fought on the territory of a power plant?

Nearby is a coal processing plant with a huge gap in the roof. The plant looks abandoned, as if no one has walked in its grounds for years.

Wind of Change

If you look closely, you'll see that the battle is taking place on the territory of East Germany: in the north of the map you can find the remains of the Berlin Wall — a concrete fence, watch towers and rows of barbed wire.

Another sign is the autobahns. The highways on German roads will satisfy the fast drivers amongst us who want to amp up the speed.

Where is the Gold Hidden?

With underground tunnels and secret German bunkers, it goes without saying that there must be treasures buried in this map. 

They are hidden in a room located under the largest and most protected complex in the game, which is located in the mountain. The inspiration for this complex comes from the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in the US, where the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) headquarters are located.

Gold bullion line the interiors of this complex on rows and rows of shelves. If rammed, the gold bullion will fall on the tank. It's a great time to take a beautiful screenshot of gold raining down on you.

The bunker itself in the mountain is an ideal position for defenceThere are sniping spots located along its perimeter, a vehicle can shoot from a vantage point provided it can position itself up the tower. However, it will be very difficult to drive a T34 out of that place.

There are still many interesting places on the map that are worth visiting. Develop new tactics, visit beautiful locations and win in this new stage of Frontline!