Holiday Ops 2021: Merry 3D Styles


As Holiday Ops 2021 continues into the new year, don't miss your chance to get these unique new 3D styles from Large Boxes for five Tier 10 vehicles: four tanks and one SPG. Scroll down to find out more about the styles!

The Discreet Charm of Artillery

Cloaked in camouflage paint, camouflage net, and season-appropriate spruce branches, the Little Bart 3D style will keep your  X Conqueror Gun Carriage  well-hidden. Except from the air, perhaps–but we have an anti-aircraft gun on the turret to deal with that! If spotted, simply unleash a smoke screen from your smoke grenade launchers as you beat a retreat.

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Range Poles
The poles are set up at 20–40 m intervals from each other at the firing position to designate gun points.
Fuel Drum
Auxiliary fuel reserve for the SPG.
Smoke Grenade Launchers
Two sets of five grenade launchers for smoke screen laying are mounted on both sides of the turret.
Headlight Cluster
Borrowed from the British AS-90 self-propelled howitzer.
Camouflage Net
The net helps conceal the vehicle from enemy reconnaissance means and is resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Air Filtration Unit
The unit ensures the hermetic sealing of the manned compartment and the supply of cleaned air to the crew. It also maintains overpressure to prevent the infiltration of radioactive dust.
Rear-view Mirror
Significantly eases the driver's life when a rear-view camera is not part of the vehicle configuration.
Cable Reels
Reliable telephone communication is extremely important for artillery battery operations.
Used for consumable and stock storage.
Bren Light Machine Gun
A 1930's British modification of the Czechoslovak-designed ZB-26 light machine gun. Reliable, boasts good accuracy and comparably low recoil. It was ranked among the best light machine guns of WWII.
20 mm AA Cannon
A 20 mm cannon produced by the Swiss company Oerlikon. Widely used as small caliber antiaircraft weapons both on ships and land during WWII.

Maus on the Warpath

In terms of dimensions, the  X Maus  is like a small self-propelled fortress–well-protected and impregnable. The Landkreuzer 3D style doubles down on defense with its powerful anti-aircraft gun, and a pair of flamethrowers to deter even the most determined infantry.

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Night Vision Device
The FG 1250 infrared device provided nighttime visibility of up to 400 m. The storage battery ensured the device's operation over the course of 4 hours.
3 cm Flakvierling 103/38
This SPAAG was created by installing the 3 cm МК 103 aircraft cannon on the 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun mount. It had a rate of fire of 280 rounds per minute using high explosive (HE) rounds, and 420 rounds per minute using Armor Piercing rounds.
Base Plate for the Jack
Lifting a 200 ton tank for repairs required tremendous effort.
Chassis repairs (e.g. replacing suspension bogies) could be performed directly in the field.
Goliath Tracked Mine
The Goliath's operational range was up to 1.5 km, and it could carry up to 100 kg of explosives. It can come in handy when in need of destroying a building or breaching a barricade. The vehicle was steered via a control box connected by a cable.
A flamethrower produced by the Hermann Köbe Feuerwehrgerätefabrik company. They were indeed developed for the Maus. Both flamethrowers were remotely controlled by the operator. The flame-throwing distance was expected to reach 100 m, while using 33 liters of flame mixture per second. The flamethrower prototypes were ready by 1943.
Cable Reel
A triple-strand cable for the Goliath tracked mine. The reel was located in the rear of the hull that was split into three compartments.
The Maus wasn't easy to climb into—the hull's height was around 2 m, while the turret's height from the race ring was 1.35 m. The ladder can be seen on the archive photos taken during tests.

Big Tank, Big Gun

If the  X 60TP Lewandowskiego  had made it to production, what would it have been like? Surely it would have experienced more than one phase of modernization, like its contemporary, the IS-3. We like to think it would have sported the useful gear depicted in the 40:1 3D style.

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ZET-1 Frontal Mesh Screen
As per instruction, the use of such a screen was only allowed during a "period of threat, just before the outbreak of hostilities".
Smoke Screen Mortars
A smoke grenade launching system. It quickly conceals the vehicle from enemy detection means, allowing for a safe retreat.
Infrared Spotlight
Provided active IR illumination for the tank driver's night vision device.
Unditching Beam
The beam is chained to both tracks. As the tracks travel under the tank, the beam digs into the ground, providing much better traction, and the tank pulls itself over it.
Vladimirov tank heavy machine gun. Intended for fighting against light armored ground and airborne targets at distances of up to 2 km.
Ammunition boxes with feed belts for the KPVT heavy machine gun.
Fuel Drum
A 200-liter fuel container.
OPVT Gear Tube
The OPVT snorkeling gear allows the vehicle to ford water obstacles.
The ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft autocannon features some very effective and compact elevating and traversing handwheels. It takes only 3 seconds to aim the cannons in the opposite direction.
Machine Gun Box
Stores 14.5 mm rounds for the KPVT.
Druzhba Chainsaw
This legendary Soviet chainsaw received a gold medal at the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition of 1958.
Experimental Anti-HEAT Screens
Sectioned side screens made of duralumin. As envisioned by the developers, only one section of the screen was to be destroyed if a 85 mm shell hit, and two sections if a 100-115 mm shell hit.

Serious Samurai

The  X STB-1  was the first prototype of the Type 74, and was even presented to journalists and featured in a military parade. Its gorgeous Winter Lotus 3D style is based on its historical representation, while echoing the modernizations received by the Type 74.

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Thermal Sleeve
A thin-walled cover applied around the length of a gun barrel that reduces the impact of its uneven heating and cooling on the stability of gun operation.
Xenon Searchlight
Enables precision firing at night. Turning the searchlight lamp on and off, selecting a filter, and changing the angle of light distribution can be performed by the gunner or the commander via a control panel located next to their seats.
The vehicle's headlights are protected by specially armored cases with steel grills. This should guard them against shell fragments.
Type 64
The Type 64 automatic rifle is chambered for the modified 7.62x51 mm ammunition with reduced powder loading. This is an accurate but heavy weapon which is difficult to produce and maintain.
Entrenching Tools
Digging bars, shovels, sledgehammers, and other tools are tankers' vital assistants. You can neither repair a track nor dig a foxhole without them.
Browning M2
The Browning M2 heavy machine gun entered service in 1932. The design proved to be extremely successful, and the M2 still serves with the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy.
Antiaircraft Sights
Used for aiming the machine gun while firing at airborne targets flying at a speed of up to 550 km/h.
Combined day/night periscopic sights with x8 magnification.
Smoke Grenade Launchers
Intended for launching 60 mm smoke grenades. These launchers can create a dense smoke screen that completely cloaks the vehicle.
Howa Type 96
An automatic grenade launcher that is fed 40 mm grenades from 50-grenade belts. Maximum firing range is 1.5 km.
Anti-HEAT Screen
Intended for reducing the destructive effect of the explosive jet. The screen is made of rubber reinforced with cloth fabric.

The Jade Emperor

The great philosopher Confucius once said that a gentleman must seek to become as refined and polished as precious jade. Adorned with the image of a dragon–an ancient Chinese symbol of imperial power–and dressed in a lustrous green hue, The Last Dragon 3D style transforms the  X WZ-111 model 5A  into the most beautiful tank in its branch.

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Heavy Flamethrower
A tank mount with Chinese heavy infantry flamethrowers that were copied from the Soviet TPO-50M. The maximum flame-throwing range is up to 180 m.
Laser Rangefinder
Detects both moving and static objects and determines the distance to them, increasing the firing efficiency of the main gun or the coaxial machine gun.
Smoke Screen Mortars
A unified smoke grenade launching system. It quickly conceals the vehicle from enemy detection means, allowing for a safe retreat.
Spare Parts Kit
A kit of spare parts, tools, and the crew's belongings. Besides the obvious convenience of things being within reach, it also serves as an additional anti-HEAT screen.
Rubber-cloth Side Screens
Unlike aluminum and steel screens, these ones do not make the vehicle significantly wider, which is very useful in confined spaces or during transportation. At the same time, rubber-cloth screens are practically on par with them regarding the degree of protection.
Fuel Drums
Additional 200-liter fuel containers.
Coaxial Machine Gun Mount
The QJC-88 is a coaxial tank variant of the Chinese W85 heavy machine gun, whose design was based on the Soviet DShK. It features quick change, air-cooled barrels. The machine gun can be fired in full auto mode.
Unditching Beam
A beam 30-35 cm in diameter and 4-4.5 m long is chained perpendicularly to the lower track links in the direction of further movement.
Canvas and Shell Box
The crew would often store rations and other items required in everyday military life in the shell box.
Snorkeling Equipment for Tanks
Bridges and fords are nowhere near ubiquitous, therefore tanks must be capable of fording the water obstacle by driving on its bed.
Machine Gun Barrel Tubes
Changing a barrel in an air-cooled machine gun is par for the course.
M1 Helmets
The quality of helmets produced in China during WWII left much to be desired. That's why the trophy ones enjoyed great popularity. By the end of the war, the issue was resolved thanks to the shipments of American M1 helmets.
It not only provides protection from unfavorable weather conditions, but can also conceal armored vehicles.
With the advent of HEAT shells, tankers around the world got used to reinforcing their armor with makeshift materials.

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