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Twitter Quiz

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Tank Commanders,

For this Twitter quiz, let’s find out how knowledgeable or quick you are in researching your answers. Answer the questions tweeted from our World of Tanks Twitter accurately and stand a chance to win 300 gold!

Twitter Quiz

A total of 10 questions will be tweeted via the World of Tanks Twitter. Answers to each question will be posted 10 minutes after the question has been fielded.

E.g. Question 1 will be posted at 4pm and the answer will be posted at 4.10pm. The second question will be posted 5 minutes later at 4.15pm and will go on until the quiz ends at 8.45pm.

Date of event: 22-23 September, 2012 (Sat & Sun)

Time of event: 7pm – 8.45pm (+8 GMT)


How to participate 

Players do not need to create a Twitter account to participate in the event but can just visit the World of Tanks Twitter and answer the questions tweeted via email.

Send your answers in an email to Entries must include the following details to be eligible:

  • Twitter Quiz in the subject line
  • Your IGN
  • The question you are answering (example: Q12)
  • Your answer to the question

All entries without the above details will be disqualified.


10 random winners selected will get 300 each.