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TanksAsia Masters Forum Contest

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Hi Tank Commanders,

Want to know how to win 3,000 gold?

If you have been following the TanksAsia League, simply watch the live stream of our Regular/ Masters Series and make a mental note of any interesting occurrences that arose during the tournament. All you need to do is to post about what happened in the contest forum thread to take part for a shot at the 3,000 gold prize. Chosen entries will be featured in our monthly eSports video.

TanksAsia Masters Forum Contest: Spot the Moment!

Event Start: 08 July, 2013 (Monday) @ 12:00 UTC+8 (04:00 UTC)

Event End: 22 July, 2013 (Monday) @ 12:00 UTC+8 (04:00 UTC)

Watch our live stream and if you spot anything cool/ funny/ out of the norm that happened durinng the tournament, post a message in the contest forum thread.

Format of message to post:

  • Team A vs Team B
  • Set 1,2,3
  • What happened during the stream? E.g. A player from team A drowned while running away from team B

3,000 will be awarded to the players whose entries are selected. In the event of multiple players who submitted the same moments of the stream, the prize will be awarded to whoever posts it first.

Watch the Live Stream here

Alternatively, the stream will be broadcast on the main page of the portal and on the game launcher during tournament timings.