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Staff Facebook Introduction Contest

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Greetings Tank Commanders,

Community Staff will now be engaging players on SEA Facebook page as well as on our SEA forums. If you are not aware of our World of Tanks SEA Facebook Page, check it out and like it now!

Our staff have recently created their Facebook fan page! Like your favourite CM/GM/CC's Facebook pages listed below now and stand a chance to win 5000 gold!


Staff Facebook Introduction Contest

The staff with the most likes on their page will select a couple of lucky players to platoon with them for 2 hours.

2 Lucky players will be selected will be invited to WG Teamspeak for platooning and will be able to receive 5000 gold as well.

Event Period: From now until 04 March, 2013 (Monday) @ 17:00 UTC +8 (09:00 UTC)


  1. Like our World of Tanks SEA Facebook Page.
  2. Like your favourite CM/GM/CC Facebook Page.
  3. Make a post below and tell us who you have liked.